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Nutrition Basics

You've made the life changing decision to eat 100% whole fresh unprocessed plant based living foods as a way of life. Learn substitutions, where to get your protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients 

eating plant based.



Traveling Living Foods

Strategizing your food is key to maintaining and sustaining your living foods lifestyle while on the road or at work. Learn the personal strategies I used for years working in the travel industry as well as living a busy New York City.

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Junkfood Makeover

Get free of your addiction to processed unhealthy foods. You'll be guided in emptying out your kitchen and lunch bag of junk foods.  You'll learn how to get enough treats so that there is no need to cheat that are delicious and don't leave waste on your waist.! Make your own discovery of your connections to stress, food and mood so that you can enjoy healthy real food so much that no one could ever pay you to eat junk!

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Self Care Bundle

Whole Living Foods are colorful, flavorful and have endless possibilities for preparation. Overcome the compulsion to eat devitalized substances in a very real and enjoyable way Choose a bundle of any 3 classes for a 20% discount  of what you'd like to learn  a la carte.

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Chemical  Free Clear Skin

Adult acne and acne scars were very embarrassing and annoying. Learn to get to the root of what is contributing to your acne. Clear up your skin without using harsh chemicals. In fact, we won't be using any chemicals at all! You'll actually be exploring the art of using fresh whole living food for your daily skin care routine, acne breakouts, and to clear dark spots and blemished all with food!

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Get on waiting list  to register and reserve a spot to become certified in the Body-Culinary Living Foods Certification 2020

vegan 101


Adult acne and acne scars were very embarrassing and annoying. Learn to get to the root of what is contributing your acne by consuming whole living plant foods from the inside as well as using these fresh living whole foods outside and on the skin to clear up acne without store bought products!

Over 25 years of experience

We have the know-how you need.

Our hands on fun movement sessions & WORKSHOPS and enjoy creating with whole fresh unprocessed living foods that enhance beauty, provide a basis for health, that do not leave behind a toxic residue in the body temple or on your waistline, and provide optimal clean cruelty-free fuel for the brain, body and spirit!

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