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I first met Kwasa in 2006 when she was working as a trainer at Equinox. At the time I had just gotten serious about getting fit and was going through the motions of what I thought I needed to do to get myself in shape. It soon became clear that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and Kwasa took me under her wing so to speak and showed me the proper form for doing my exercises. I was impressed with her knowledge and passion and I booked her as my trainer shortly afterwards. She remained my trainer for the following decade until she left for Belize.


Kwasa is second to none when it comes to passion for health and commitment for the well being of her clients. She was always thinking of ways to mix things up to keep training sessions fresh and exciting. She always emphasized that all the training was for naught without a good balanced diet. As her client I was in the best shape of my life and now I have to work things out on my own, I miss her guidance greatly.


She is also a great friend. Kwasa is a great listener and brought a wealth of experience and wisdom in her interactions with me. I often found myself using her as a sounding board for issues at work and life in general. She is a warm and caring person and I was always comfortable seeking her advice.


I have the highest regard for Kwasa. With her as your trainer, I'm certain you will achieve your fitness goals and get the chance to work with a really great person. She is very highly recommended.


“Kwasa is a highly skilled, inspiring, and knowledgeable personal trainer and nutrition expert. I started working with her nearly 10 years ago to get myself into shape after my first child was born. She put me on fitness and diet path that I've stayed on since then and used to maintain an active and low-fat lifestyle. Thanks to the motivation and information that Kwasa shared with me, I've maintained a very exercise-inspired lifestyle even after having a second child and juggling a busy work life. I'm forever thankful for Kwasa and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a more active lifestyle, weight loss, and/or an increasing understanding about food and nutrition. 

“Kwasa is an un-parallel knowledgeable fitness professional.  I had the privilege of being her client for many years.  You will never get bored with her fitness programs and most importantly you will see results.   Kwasa is unique because of her vast knowledge of food and nutrition.  Integrating healthy foods into your overall fitness journey will set you up for success.  She will work with you and show you how easy it is to implement simple nutritional changes into your busy life.”


"I was lucky to work with Kwasa for over 4 years. Kwasa changed everything I knew about exercise, food and nutrition. She made working out a joy and showed me how healthy and nutritious food could be delicious & filling. My family have benefited also. My children love their fresh fruits and vegetables and they automatically go for fruits vs any processed foods. Kwasa also showed me the joy in growing food .. in my little window boxes in Brooklyn and also helping out at my local school .. her lessons are spreading to a bigger community !! 


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