personalized Plans 

Customized for you

Food Strategy

Personalized Meal Plans

  • Body-Culinary Nutrition Digital Planner

  • Menu ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Sweet spot approach to finding a balance of nutrient dense calories that is not too much or too little for your goals

  • Follow up review, and feedback of your Digital planner 

  • Personalized Whole Foods Shopping List

  • Recommendations for strategies and motivation when you feel blocked or hit a plateau

  • Guidance in retraining your palate to appreciate unprocessed whole fresh healthy food

  • Alternatives to junk food

  • Food combining for improved digestion

  • 3 Email support follow up

Fitness Assessment

Assess Your Progress

  • Body Fat Composition

  • Circumference girth measurements

  • Monthly progress pictures assessment

  • Cardiovascular Assessment

  • Flexibility Assessment

  • Analyze trouble areas

  • Personalized prescription for fitness /nutrition Recommendations based on your assessment

  • Monthly assessments are a great way to objectively see and measure where exactly you need to make changes

Exercise Prescription

Personalized Fitness Plan

Progressions make the difference in an effective fitness plan!​​

  • Exercises selected just for your body and your needs.

  • Exercise progressions to avoid plateaus

  • Learn when to advance exercises and when to scale back

  • corrective exercise instruction to strengthen and recover weak areas i.e. core, knees, and lower back

  • Individualized guidance 

  • No gym necessary! 

  • Improve cardio endurance

  • exercises

  • Coaching catered to your own goals

  • Personalized programs are ideal for travel, busy moms, and varied work schedules 

  • 3 Email support follow up

January 1, 2019

Body-Culinary Accountability Calendar

This helpful calendar will keep you on target with your goals from month to month and to be solid in your progress quarterly so that you cut the guess work and reach your vision for the year!

10769852400_IMG_2327 2.JPG


January 1, 2019

Body-Culinary Workout Accountability Planner

Keep track of your workouts over time in order to see where to progress, correct form, consistency, energy level and chart exercise intensity.  Keeping records allows you to accomplish being effective with your workouts.

10770250224_IMG_2330 2.JPG


January 1, 2019

Body-Culinary Nutrition Journal

Keep track of your food and learn to distinguish quality fuel and "sweet spot"-the right amount of food for you to reach your fitness & health goals and feel energized.

10769852400_IMG_2327 2.JPG