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*Customized Meal Plans and Workouts require that an Application packet has been downloaded and submitted, and are available to clients that have trained with Body-Culinary, or have booked completed at least one consultation session.

Body composition &fitness Plans 


Personalized Menus

  • Body-Culinary Nutrition Meal Plan for Muscle Gain or Fat Loss

  • Menu ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Sweet spot approach to finding a balance of nutrient dense calories that is not too much or too little for your goals

  • Follow up review, and feedback of your meals planner 

  • Personalized Whole Foods Shopping List

  • Recommendations for strategies and motivation when you feel blocked or hit a plateau

  • Guidance in retraining your palate to appreciate unprocessed whole fresh healthy food

  • Alternatives to junk food

  • Food combining for improved digestion

  • 3 Emails support follow up questions & to make adjustments to your meal plan calories or substitutions


Assess Your Progress

  • Body Fat Composition

  • Circumference girth measurements

  • Monthly progress pictures assessment

  • Cardiovascular Assessment

  • Flexibility Assessment

  • Analyze trouble areas

  • Personalized prescription for fitness /nutrition Recommendations based on your assessment

  • Monthly assessments are a great way to objectively see and measure where exactly you need to make changes

  • 3 Emails support follow up to ask questions concerning improving your body composition


Personalized Fitness Plan

Progressions make the difference in an effective fitness plan!​​

  • Exercises selected just for your body and your needs.

  • Exercise progressions to avoid plateaus

  • Learn when to advance exercises and when to scale back

  • corrective exercise instruction to strengthen and recover weak areas i.e. core, knees, and lower back

  • Individualized guidance available via text to answer questions and make adjustments to your workout plan.

  • No gym necessary! 

  • Improve cardio endurance exercises

  • Coaching catered to your own goals

  • Personalized programs are ideal for travel, busy moms, and varied work schedules 

  • 3 Emails support follow up

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