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Disgusted Enough to Change

Lightbulb this early day! Many call and say that they want to "lose weight", get fit, get healthy, however, they are usually not disgusted enough with their behaviors, toxic treats that leave waste on their waist, the company and conversations that keep one engaged and "obligated" in engaging in toxic to the body and mind habits, mindSets and behaviors that result in clogged arteries and cells gasping for oxygen, distended bellies, lack of energy, dis-ease, and lack of focus on health! At best, most fizzle out of enthusiasm, lose a little weight temporarily, feel a little better, and go back to the same thing! It is so much fun and joy in eating wonderful delicious healthy simple clean foods. The old memories of toxic treats AND the confusing commercials showing folks having a great time stuffing down toxic treat "substances" full of chemicals that distort the brain and behavior add to the lack of clarity of what true enjoyment is, behaviors focused on life! :)K

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